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8 Bed AC ShopHouse Dorm

DORM AGE LIMIT: Children below 16 (Sixteen) years old are NOT ALLOWED in our Dorm rooms.

*Includes FREE basic breakfast

Your AC-cooled Shared 8-bed Flotsam ShopHouse Dorm is designed with individual privacy in mind reminiscent of First-Class aircraft cabins. 
Each single bed has personal access to its built-in locker, personal lighting unit, personal fan and embedded power outlets.

• Single Bed

• Shared Bathrooms

• AC Room

• Individual light and power outlet

• Privacy Curtains

• Individual Lockers with Locks

• Free WiFi

• Mosquito net upon request

*rates in Philippine Pesos (PhP)

**prices rise 20%+ on holidays

***prices subject to change without prior notice