Welcome to Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel!

We are an artsy social hostel run in a fun easy-going way by a group of longtime friends & family who love travel and travellers.
Our guests are part of our fun-loving Flotsam Family. Everyone pitches in, helps out, and is keen to hang out with all sorts of cool folks.
So if you're up for an informal friendly place that celebrates laughter and music and design and parties, come stay with us.

*Flotsam Advisory* 

First off, just a friendly reminder that Flotsam and Jetsam Artist Beach Hostel is a youthful, fun-filled, design-inspired hostel. The people make the place.
Flotsam is a travellers' informal, laidback, easy-going place that celebrates parties and good times.
So please be reminded that Flotsam does get a bit noisy and fun especially on Saturday nights and holidays.

LOCKS: BRING YOUR OWN LOCKS. We are happy to lend you locks for the lockers in case you forget to bring one. But we encourage you to bring your own lock for your own safety and convenience. We are not responsible for your things.

DORM AGE LIMIT: Children below 16 (SIXTEEN) years old are not allowed in our Dorm Rooms.

WIFI: Wifi is provided in our KitchenBar area. Please DO NOT expect fast Wifi speed and connectivity. We live in a small far-away surf town. We're here because we all just wanna slow-down and chill-out.

Entertainment we will provide! Do not play your music with loudspeakers as we have our own music theme and vibe.


Upon Check-In:

  • Your check-in time is 2PM.

  • Your check-out time is 11AM.

We have security cameras , security guys, and your hostel family to keep an eye out for your things. BUT always lock up your valuables in your personal lockers. We are not responsible for it.

Absolutely NO SMOKING inside dorms / rooms. PhP 2000 fine for breaking this rule.

No eating or drinking inside the dorms please. Let’s keep our lovely hostel clean for everyone.

No food and drinks from outside are allowed. We have a full-service kitchenbar to take care of you.

Please note that our kitchen will be closed every Tuesday but the bar is open from 4pm to 9pm!

On your bed, you are provided a fresh towel, clean sheets, mosquito net, and a pillow. By request, you can snuggle with our hand-loomed local Ilokano blankets too!

Forgot something? We’ve got it! Toiletries and  beach stuff can be purchased at the reception area.


During your stay:

No footwear allowed inside the dorms / rooms. Shoe racks are conveniently located outside your dorm. Keep the lovely sand in the beach.

DORMS and DORM LOBBIES are strictly quiet rest areas. Do not play your music with loudspeakers.Use your earphones please.

IMPORTANT: Lights out at 10PM for the dorms. If you need lighting during sleeping hours, use your personal bedlamp, so your sleeping roommates don’t get disturbed. Always be considerate of your dorm mates. Move QUIETLY inside the dorms from 10PM onwards.  There are other guests sleeping inside. Our community thrives on MUTUAL RESPECT.

After making sand angels, kindly sand off before using the shower room to avoid clogging our pipes.  Before entering the hostel, please rinse off all dirt and sand in the outdoor shower by the MER SEA BOKU Kubo Bamboo Hut or at the outdoor shower areas in Bamboo Hut Kubo 2 and by the hostel open lobby.

We are a self-service hostel. Please order food at the bar cashier. If you need condiments, utensils, and water, you can find it in front of the pizza bar. 

F&J is your home as it is everyone else's. So be considerate and tidy up after yourself.
Bring your dirty dishes, empty bottles, and glasses to the table near the water dispenser. 

Entertainment we will provide! Do not play your music with loudspeakers as we have our own musical theme and vibe.
Please feel free to use our musical instruments, books and game boards, which you can find beside the bar and washroom. Kindly return after use. 

For the big and small kids! You can never go wrong with assorted cereals, jams, bread, coffee, tea and juice for brekkie. Continental Breakfast is served from 8AM to 11AM.

We are animal lovers! You can bring your pets, BUT let them stay OUTSIDE the dorms. 

We have 2 Dogs: GUSGUS (the sad-eyed big black labrador), POOCHIE (the hyperactive super-friendly little black mutt) and 4 Cats: DYARYO (a yellow and white cat), ULING (a black cat with orange specks), MOJITO (an orange and white cat)  and BUNTOT (a cat without a tail). The doggies and cats are given regular anti-rabies and flea shots. Please do not feed them. Don’t be fooled by their lovable I’m-So-Hungry look. They are well-fed and loved. 


And when you leave…Take memories and your own photos but not your used towel and your locker lock and key.  I will gladly lend you another on your return. 

Safe travels!





1-7 days prior to check-in date: No refund and no re-booking is allowed.

8 days and above prior to check-in date: Php 500 penalty. No refund, re-booking is allowed.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



Do I have to share a bathroom? 

If you stay in our Kubo/Shophouse Dorms or dorms in our Guest House, then YES,  you do have to share a bathroom.

Mixed Dorms? 

All dorms are mixed dorms. Male and Female guests share the same room.


Towels included?

Yes. Fresh towels are provided inside the dorms.


Is breakfast included? 

Yes. All rates comes with a basic breakfast bar of cereal, jam, toast, fresh fruits of the season.


Can I pay upon check-in? 

Only if your confirmed booking is 2 days or less than your reservation date.


Check in/Check out time? 

Check in is 2pm, Check out is 11AM.


Do you allow early/late check in & check out? 

We strictly implement the standard check in and check out time.

We don’t allow early check in/out hostel, we advise that you book for 2 nights instead.

The earliest we can provide a check in is around 12noon or when the room is ready.


How much is the corkage if I bring in bottles of liquor?

Php 400 for local drinks and PhP 800 for imported drinks. 

You are not allowed to bring in food. We have a full-service kitchenware for all your food needs.


Is there parking space at Flotsam?

Yes, parking is provided for our guests on a first come first served basis.


Is Wifi provided? 

Wifi is provided in our KitchenBar area. Please DO NOT expect fast Wifi speed and connectivity. We live in a small far-away surf town. We're here because we all just wanna slow-down and chill-out.


Do you provide toiletries? 

No we don’t provide toiletries as we are a hostel. You can buy toiletries in our front desk.


Are pets allowed? 

Yes, but NOT in the rooms. Pets will have to be stay in our garden area. And they must be well-behaved as there are people sleeping in our huts by the garden. 


Laundry Service?

Yes. We have a laundry service.



Yes. Big Momma’s Massage. (Around P300-400 per hour)


Kid’s Rates?

Children below 16 (Sixteen) years old are strictly not allowed inside the dorms.

Children are only allowed in the private rooms.

1-4 y/o : free of charge

4-9 y/o : half rate

10 years old and above : Full rate

How much do you charge for extended hours?

We charge a per-hour rate based on your room rate. Maximum extension is  2 hours.

More than 2 hours, we charge a half-day rate.


Showers for the public?

If you are not a Flotsam Hotel checked-in guest, we charge P 500 to use our showers.


How much for a pre-nup shoot or other photo shoots?

We charge Php 5000/4hours for photo shoots. We only allow this from Monday-Wednesday.

Of that rate, Php 1,500  is consumable at our kitchenbar.


Where’s the nearest ATM machine?

The nearest ATM Machine is in SLC campus , or just a 10-minute jeepney ride to San Fernando about few kilometers away.



Info on Buses from Manila-La Union to everywhere else?
Partas is the biggest and most consistent bus company to and from La Union. 

Other bus lines are Dominion, Viron & Genesis.

Partas & Viron have a bus station in San Fernando (the main town which is a 10 minute jeepney ride from Surf Town San Juan).
You can take a jeepney or tricycle to town to go to the main San Fernando station of Partas Bus Lines. The bus leaves every hour on the hour.

For the other bus liners, you’ll have to wait on the roadside by Flotsam for a bus to come.


How much is a jeepney ride going to town/bus station?

PhP 11 fixed-price for one way


How much is a tricycle going to town/bus station?

PhP 80 depending on the number of passengers.



Can I eat and drink in Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel?

Yes. And you can party too!
Our Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel HUNGRY NOMAD KitchenBar has a vast selection of food and drinks and has legendary parties on Saturday nights and Holidays.

Nearby restos?

El Union Coffee (Hipster Coffee Shop)

Tagpuan (Awesome Local Streetfood)

Mad Monkeys (Best Burgers in Town)

Olas Banditos (Mexican Taqueria)

Gefsies (Greek Food)

Uriztondo Grill (Legendary Local Food)

NakNaks (Super-Cheap Local Food)

All are walking distance from Flotsam or a short tricycle ride away.



Other activities in La Union? 

Trek to Tangadan Falls, Surf lessons, Yoga, On-Call Massage 

Your Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel diplomats can sort out all of these activities for you.


Surf lessons?

There are many different surf schools in San Juan. Most of them are on the main beach and easy to reach by foot.
An hour costs 400php and it includes the surfboard rent and the guide. It is paid in cash before the lesson starts.


Surf Spots?

Beach break is the main break. It is located in the main beach of Urbiztondo Surf Town.
The Point is a nice peeling right located in front of Monaliza Resort beside El Union Coffee

Jesus Point in Carille, on the rare days that it breaks, is a legendary 150-metre long wave.
Bacnotan is a beginners’ surf spot near Holcim Cement Factory.


Treks and Tours to Tangadan Falls? How much? 

We do arrange Walk the Earth tours : 880php per person. 

Fee includes a tour guide, transportation fee, environmental fee & a water bottle.

La Union Laws REQUIRE that you have a guide with you at the waterfalls.